Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops are made with a high pressure laminate (HPL) sheet glued to a substrate, usually particle board but sometimes plywood or MDF. Laminate meets and exceeds most housing and food industry standards for impact, wear, sanitary requirements and stain & scratch resistance.

The wide range of colors and finishes available in laminate can provide the look and feel of stone, brushed metals and many other materials. The largest single sheet area covered by HPL without seams is a 5' by 12' area due to manufacturer size restrictions.

Laminate countertops made by Fabricators Unlimited are divided into two main categories: Postform Laminate Countertops and Custom Laminate Countertops.

Custom Laminate

Custom Tops are laminate tops that are manufactured by Fabricators Unlimited in-house. From laying the laminate to adding End Caps, Fabricators produces each countertop from start-to-finish.

Custom Tops do not have Coved Backsplashes. All Custom Tops with Backsplash use Attached Backsplashes.

There is no minimum size restriction, custom size up-charges or machine reset charges for Custom Tops. Tops can be made at any size allowed by materials.

  • Custom Tops may be made without laminate seams.
  • The maximum size to not have to use a seam is 60" x 144" area.
  • Custom Tops can be pre-assembled before shipment up to a size of 60"x168".

  • Custom edge backsplashes exceeding 3" in height can be made.

    End Treatments:
  • Bevel Edge and Gem-loc™ Edge styles cannot have radius corners.
  • Solid Surface Edge style has a minumum 4" radium

Custom Laminate Edges

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